AB-836 (Capsid Inhibitor)

Arbutus is currently evaluating AB-836 for the treatment of chronic HBV infection. By inhibiting assembly of the viral capsid, AB-836 effectively blocks viral replication.


AB-836 is an oral HBV capsid inhibitor that has the potential for increased potency and an enhanced resistance profile compared to our previous capsid inhibitor product candidates. HBV core protein assembles into a capsid structure, which is required for viral replication. The current standard-of-care therapy for HBV, primarily nucleoside analogues that work by inhibiting the viral polymerase, significantly reduce virus replication, but not completely. Capsid inhibitors inhibit replication by preventing the assembly of functional viral capsids. They also have been shown to inhibit the uncoating step of the viral life cycle thus reducing the formation of new covalently closed circular DNA ("cccDNA"), the viral reservoir which resides in the cell nucleus.