AB-452 (HBV RNA Destabilizer)

Our HBV RNA destabilizer is the first of it’s kind to treat chronic hepatitis B (HBV) with its novel activity in destabilizing HBV RNA, reducing HBsAg levels, and broad activity against HBV RNAs.


We are developing a novel HBV RNA destabilizer AB-452 as an once-daily, oral therapeutic to be used in a combination regimen to deliver a cure for chronic HBV. The molecule has shown synergistic effects when combined with two of Arbutus’ proprietary HBV RNAi agents in vitro. In vivo, twice-a-day oral administration of AB-452 resulted in up to 1.4 log10 reduction of serum HBsAg in a dose dependent manner and correlated well with liver HBV RNA levels.


Pending successful IND/CTA-enabling studies, this product candidate could be the subject of an IND (or equivalent) filing in 2018.